Inspection, Operation, & Maintenance (IO&M) for HVAC Energy Efficiency

April 12, 2017
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

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Lake Point Conference Center
171 Lake Point Lane
Russellville, AR 72802


Richard Danks, P.E. is currently Secretary of Standards Project Committee 180, and has contributed to the text of this standard. He is an instructor for the Building Operator's Course for the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance in Chicago, Ill, and provides expert witness support to a law firm in Illinois in this field.  He has presented courses on energy, maintenance, and operations across multiple states and we are glad to have him share his knowledge and expertise for this seminar in Arkansas.  

Formerly holding management positions in facilities management and energy/environmental organizations within NASA in Cleveland, OH, he served as instructor for the NASA Construction of Facilities Management Course and the NASA Sustainability Course, having developed part of the course materials.  He also developed and presented the NASA Construction Safety Course.   Mr. Danks was a member of several NASA-wide committees covering construction, maintenance, and safety reviews.  He was employed by Cleveland Clinic Foundation in similar capacity before NASA, and has also worked with a construction management team and a design-build firm each in Cleveland, OH.  

Mr. Danks received the NASA Exceptional Service Medal in 2001, NASA Silver Medal in 2014, was named Federal Engineer of the Year for NASA by the NSPE in 2000, and he received an ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award in 2014.  Come join us at Lake Point Conference Center and learn from a nationally recognized IO&M expert.  


1)  Review Maintenance Definitions and Types
2)  What does a Minimum Maintenance Program include?
3)  Maintenance and Operations Best Practices
4)  Maintaining High Performing Systems
5)  Measuring Performance and Managing Improvement

Program Purpose:

This training program is designed to provide building administrators and facility managers the latest technologies for energy efficiency and management.

Please take advantage of the seminar series to learn more about energy management of public/commercial buildings and do your part to reduce our use!!

Program Objectives

 ¨ To educate K12, 2yr and 4yr School Administrators and Facility Managers, State Agency Energy Managers, and Energy Managers for State Institutions on specific aspects of Energy Management for application in their facilities and entities.

¨ To provide hands-on training of software and hardware utilized to monitor, track, and reduce energy usage in public and commercial buildings.



$50.00 Guest Ticket


IO&M for Commercial HVAC

Inspection, Operation, and Maintenance of HVAC for Energy Efficiency