HVAC Commercial Contractor Training

April 14, 2016
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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Pulaski Tech Business and Industry Center
3303 East Roosevelt Road
Little Rock, AR 72206

Energy Efficiency Arkansas presents:  Energy Auditing for HVAC Commercial Contractors

Course Objectives:
Energy Efficiency Arkansas is focused on providing continuing education in the area of energy conservation.  This particular training is for all skilled workers who can positively impact the conservation of energy and natural resources in buildings throughout our state.  

Topics covered:  
1) HVAC System, Application, and Selection
2) Equipment Sizing, Fan Selection, and Duct Design
3) Energy Modeling and Efficiency Improvements
4) ASHRAE Standards 55, 62.1, and 90.1

Course Goals:
-- To educate HVAC Commercial Contractors on specific aspects of Energy Auditing for application in customer facilities and their entities.
-- To provide hands-on training of software and hardware utilized to monitor, track, and reduce energy usage in public and commercial buildings.

Please take advantage of the seminar series to learn more about energy management of public/commercial buildings and do your part to reduce our use!!


$30.00 HVAC Energy Auditing Course

$30.00 HVAC Energy Auditing Course